Otters (ages 5-7)


We are in a hot, humid, subtropical climate that has alligators, cotton mouths, coral snakes, copperheads, venus flytraps, ticks, chiggers, and biting flies.  The 10th Research Triangle Otters have adopted the same light grey hot weather hiking shirt used by the Timberwolves.  This practical shirt is more suited to hot weather than the standard BPSA Otter uniform and makes spotting reddish ticks and red chiggers easier.


Otter Badges (as of 2016)

  • Investiture Badge

    1. Know a little about Otters.
    2. Know the Otter Motto (Busy and Bright)
    3. Know the Otter Salute and Sign
    4. Know a little about B-P, the Founder of Scouting
    5. Take part in an Opening and Closing Ceremony
    6. Know the Otter Law.
    7. Know the Otter Promise.
  • Safety Badge

    1. Know your name and address.
    2. Know your phone number.
    3. Be able to print your name.
    4. Know how to cross the road safely.
    5. Know about safety with strangers.
    6. Know the basic rules of health and hygiene.
    7. Know about safety around the home.
    8. Be able to tie your own shoe laces.
    9. Know what 911 is for and how to call it.
    10. Know how to put a Band-Aid on a cut.
    11. Know your Mom and Dad’s full names.
  • Helping Badge (Red Paw)

    1. Know about helping others and sharing with others.
    2. Know about cleanliness and caring for your clothes.
    3. Be helpful around the house.
    4. Do a good turn for a relative or a neighbor.
    5. Take part in a Kim’s Game.
    6. Take part in the Message Game.
    7. Know how to wash dishes and clean up a table.
    8. Take part in a Raft good turn.
    9. Visit an Old Folk’s Home and help serve tea and cookies.
    10. Help set up your meeting hall.
  • Activity Badge (Blue Paw)

    1. Be able to throw and catch a ball.
    2. Take part in a night hike.
    3. Take part in two day hikes.
    4. Be able to sing 3 songs.
    5. Have an awareness of children with disabilities.
    6. Know how to Skip Rope.
    7. Take part in team and solo games or sports.
    8. Know how to be a good loser and a good winner.
  • Handicraft Badge (Tan Paw)

    1. Draw, and color, a scene or event from a story.
    2. Draw a picture of your house.
    3. Make a Thank You card.
    4. Make a model.
    5. Make a collage.
    6. Collect 25 stamps (or other similar item) and mount them in a book or display.
    7. Make two craft items.
    8. Tie a Square (reef) knot.
    9. Make a bird feeder from a milk jug.
    10. Visit a petting zoo.
  • Nature Badge (Green Paw)

    1. Know about caring for the outdoors.
    2. Name 6 animals that are kept as pets.
    3. Make a scrap book about Otters.
    4. Collect 10 flowers and 10 leaves and press them.
    5. Grow a seed in a water soaked paper towel.
    6. Grow a carrot top in water.
    7. Take part in a Raft Nature Walk.
    8. Take part in a trail clean-up.
    9. Plant, and take care of a tree for at least a year.
  • Swimming Otter Badge

    1. Refer to the Otter Leader Handbook
  • Camping Badge

    1. Spend 5 or more nights camping.
  • Service Badge

      The Service badge is awarded to an Otter who has completed all of the following Activities, which must be carried out over a period of at least 8 months.

    1. Visit the local Police Station and find out some ways to help prevent crime
    2. Visit the local Fire department and find out the danger of fire and some ways of preventing it
    3. Find out about preventing accidents –
      1. in the home
      2. on the road
      3. in the playground
      4. in the swimming pool
    4. Find out about recycling of waste, what use can be made of recycled items and take part in a recycling operation.
    5. Find out the effects of vandalism on an area and how the cost of repair effects your family.
    6. Visit the local Ambulance Station and learn about what they do.