Scout Meeting – December 2016

We reviewed some knots and then introduced some basic tools.


The scouts used clamps and vices to hold wood in place and cut wood with saws.  They used crescent wrenches to remove a bike tire, an allen wrench to raise a seat, and bolt cutters to cut a chain.

Then we went inside and built catapult and trebuchet models.



Scout Meeting – October 2016

We practiced for the Triangle Rock Club belay certification.  We practiced knots, climbing up rope, and then belaying climbers back down the rope.  We also worked on safety badge requirements.


Safety Badge Requirements (partial list):

  • Know your name and address
  • Know your phone number
  • Know how to cross the road
  • Know about safety around the home (fire alarms, what to do if one goes off, …)
  • Know what 911 is for and how to call.
  • Know parents full names.